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Welcome to Aion's ARM!

What exactly is Aion's ARM? It stands for Aion's Anti RMT Movement, which is a player established set of legions across all Aion Servers to find, and self police the servers of RMT (Real Money Trading) companies,
bots (players using add ons, utilities, and/or scripts to automate the process of playing while afk) and more.

The concept probably isn't new, but Aion's ARM is an attempt to bring players together across all servers to improve the effectiveness of the action and increase the result- a better game for the players.

How does all this work?

See the FAQ and decide for yourself!

Aions Arm Legion established on the ARIEL Server!

Valdyr@Ariel, Jan 23, 10 4:30 PM.
I founded Aion's ARM's first legion on the Ariel Server!
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